a business agreement in which citizens trust each other without a written contract, an implicit agreement between citizens and the government on the rights and obligations of each group that gives legitimacy to a government The market believes that an agreement between Greece and the EU is more likely than not, so fears of Greece`s exit have dissipated somewhat, So we see the appetite for riskier markets, including peripheral markets. “they had agreed that they would not interfere in the affairs of the other”; “There was an agreement between the management and the workers” “there was no concordance between theory and measurement”; “The results of two tests were compliant” Britannica.com: Encyclopedia articles on agreement Such an agreement currently exists for pandemic influenza, notes Phelan, but not for any other type of disease or vaccine. A complete agreement between all the members of a group WE tried to make some plans, but we did not reach an agreement. But the confident tone did not provide an answer to Mary`s approval. an agreement in which one party promises something, but the other does not give a written legal agreement between two people or companies that stipulates what each must do for the other or give to the other The agreement has three main points that Iran has all fulfilled, says the IAEA. For obvious reasons, the conclusion of such an agreement would have required the presence and signature of both candidates. By agreement, all parties met at Indian Spring to consider a second contract in early February 1825. Formal agreement, often one that people meet in secret “The CIA has since paid more than a million dollars in accordance with the agreement,” the report says. Ronald Reagan approved the deal and the USTR reviewed Korean practices until the end of his term. The good news is that in August, California struck a deal with the U.S. Forest Service to scale up these efforts, with the goal of treating one million hectares a year over the next two decades.