The NSCN requested that the Centre commit to ensuring that the framework agreement in its original form is still alive and that it “must be treated by someone other than RN Ravi”, sensitive enough to understand and respect what has been achieved over the past 23 years. “Where is he trying to bring the Nagas? He wants to divide the people of Naga simply by signing a parallel agreement. After manipulating the content of the AI, he informed his favorite Naga groups of how to look at the FA, that the FA is simply recognition of Naga`s past and nothing beyond. Just as it misled The Standing Committee of Parliament,” he said. For now, she also doesn`t want to blame Naga leaders for the disagreements between them, but to make Ravi the only factor behind. They could not have done otherwise, the NSCN argues, because Ravi gave them a “doctoral” copy of the agreement. The agreement, signed by then NSCN (IM) President Isak Chishi Swu, Secretary General Th Muivah and Centre Representative R N Ravi, also said that the two sides agreed that the details and implementation plan would be developed in this framework and implemented soon, he said. Swu died in June 2016. He said: “With `included`, this means that all Naga must be included in the agreement in different administrative units and political camps.

The coexistence of the two entities is self-explanatory. This means that the two peoples and the two nations will coexist. Political and legal experts recognize that the concepts of “coexistence” and “shared sovereignty” apply to two entities, not one. The Nagas will co-exist with India, which shares sovereign powers, as agreed in the framework agreement and defined in jurisdiction. But they will not merge with India.┬áThe agreement, described as “historic” by Prime Minister Modi, was signed after more than 80 rounds of talks between the government and various interest groups, but the exact details of the deal were not disclosed. In a statement after the signing of the agreement, the government said it had recognized “the unique history, culture and position of the Nagas and their feelings and aspirations. The NSCN understood and appreciated India`s political system and governance. “This is to restore the credibility of the Indian government (GoI) which has been severely damaged at the hands of its representative R N Ravi. The subject is of a serious nature, because the essence of the FA in the copy distributed by Ravi to his favorite Naga organizations, including the NNPG, to give various accounts, was missing or manipulated,” he said.

Sunday`s statement from NSCN-IM also stated that while Ravi often referred to a “problem, a solution,” he signed two agreements – framework agreements with NSCN (IM) and a position agreed with the NNPG. The government informed a parliamentary body that it had signed a framework agreement with the National Socialist Council of Nagaland-Isak-Muivah (NSCN-IM) after agreeing on a settlement within the Indian Federation with “special status”. The meeting also stated that Ravi treated the Naga conflict as a matter of law and order, although the Centre has repeatedly agreed in the past to consider it a political issue. “As a result of his new strategy, we have seen the killing of NSCN members, searches, arrests and prosecutions by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) under his supervision,” he said. The framework agreement, which was shared on Tuesday in a detailed press release from NSCN-IM, states that “both sides have understood each other`s respective positions and are aware of the universal principle that, in a democracy, sovereignty belongs to the people.