Here are the answers to the “practice of subject-verb agreement” activity. The figures refer to the “subject-verb rules agreement.” 5. The issue of taxation (no, no) belongs to this discussion. Article 4 14. Everyone who lives in these apartments (okay, agree with me) with me. Article 5 21. She is one of those people who is never ready in time. (Article 6 She is one of those people. These people are never ready in time.) 17.

Someone in Mr. Brown`s class is sure they have the information we need. Article 4 22. Each of the cheeses (were, were experienced) by the inspector. Rules 4 and 5 19. (There are, there are) not many disinterested people in the world. (Rule 1 Reverse sentence: disinterested people are there) 2. Neither the President nor the FBI were prepared to publish information. Article 3 10. The sumptuous ambersons (east, are) worth reading.

(A book) 18. University life and high school life (are) very different. (Two things: it`s like “bananas and oranges are very different.”) 15. It is likely that some of the oranges (non, no) will ripen until April. Article 4 16. Fruits on arrears (see, look) tempting. Article 4 3. Each of his sons (a, succeeded). Rules 4 and 5 6. Either your learning habits or your attitude (is, are) causes your problems at school.

Article 3 24. Each of the rooms has a colour TV. Rules 4 and 512. The mayor of the city and the governor of the state (were, were) in the conference. (Two people: it`s like “Jack and Jill were at the conference.”) 9. Every planet, including the Earth, (turns) around the Sun. 11. Most of Roosevelt`s documents (were) made available to the public.

Article 4 25. The occupation of the characters (including, including) a baby and a grandfather. Article 4 1. The costs of its explorations were paid by scientific companies. Article 4 20. Two weeks (is, are) enough for a trip of this length. Article 2 4. The case of the missing butler is one of those books that are (are) easy to put on. (Rule 6 The case of the missing butler is one of these books. These books are easy to drop off.) 23.

Here is (here, are) your ticket and receipt. (Rule 1 Reverse sentence: your ticket and receipt are here) 13. I don`t care where you`re going. 7. Fifteen minutes (is, are) enough time for this exercise. Article 2.