The time we keep your personal data depends on the purpose of the processing. For example, we retain the personal data needed to provide you with products and services or to facilitate the transactions you request as long as you are a customer of the company. We retain your personal data for marketing purposes until you have decided not to receive further direct marketing communications in accordance with applicable legislation. If you apply through our websites, we record the details of your application in accordance with the privacy statement or any other communication provided to you in connection with your application or through other means. In all other cases, we retain your personal data for as long as it is necessary to fulfill the objectives outlined in this Privacy Policy, and then anonymized (as far as applicable legislation allows), delete or destroy it. This resideo end-user license agreement (this “agreement”) is a legal agreement between you and Inc. and their subsidiaries (“Resideo”) for the use of Resideo services and the license of the Resideo software, both defined as below. For simplicity`s sake, we refer to the combination of products, software and services, or any combination we make available to you as a “system.” Today, we will look at many ways to express our support for a positive statement. In English, there are a number of ways to express their agreement on a positive statement, although there are some possibilities that are more common than others: this BIF, including the confidentiality statement, your subscription contract (if any) and the terms of sale of Resideo which with the purchase of devices (including your monitoring agreement for headquarters , if applicable), constitutes the complete agreement between you and Resideo and replaces in its entirety all written or written agreements. between you and Resideo regarding your access to the system and the use of the system and associated services. The system may contain open source software that will be made available to you in accordance with the terms of the open source license agreement or the copyright notice attached to this open source software. As noted below, the term “Open Source Software” refers to any software, program, module, library, database, drivers or similar component (or part of it) that is proprietary unlicensed software whose use requires any contractual obligation of the user to a third party or a license approved by the Open Source Initiative, the Free Software Foundation or another similar group. If you don`t yet know the shorter possibilities of expressing consent, then start learning how to use them to have a basis on which to build your vocabulary.

This CLUE is considered completed in new York State and is subject to the internal laws of the State of New York applicable to agreements that are fully executed and executed within the State of New York, regardless of the rules of conflict of laws. Any action against a party to this CLUE is only brought before the federal or regional courts of the State of New York, which are exclusively competent for such remedies and proceedings and that the parties irrevocably accept personal jurisdiction over them by those courts. They agree that any applicable government implementation of the Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act (including all available remedies or laws) does not apply to this Board and is not requested here. It is understood that, despite other provisions of this ECJ, a violation of a provision of this EEA by you may cause irreparable damage to the residence for which the recovery of criminal damages would not be sufficient and that, therefore, Resideo will have the right to obtain enforcement rights in due course in order to protect Resideo`s rights under this EULA. , in addition to all legal remedies legally available.