Alamo does not offer snow chains as additional equipment, nor can it install snow chains on rental vehicles. Our vehicles are equipped with all weather tires. Alamo offers car rental discounts to customers who take advantage of pre-payment options. Because your car reservation is paid for in advance, you spend less time at the rental office and travel faster! Your credit card will be charged at the time of booking and the pre-price will be applied automatically to your price. Second day of my rent, the car keys were lost. There was no Alamo day on him, nor any kind of marking that indicated the key to an Alamo loan. After searching the grocery store where it was lost, I called Alamo Troubleshooting Service. They told me that they would send a tow truck with a lockout service, so that if the key was found in the vehicle, it would not have to be towed. If it were to be towed the next day, I could go to any Alamo site for a replacement vehicle (which would of course be at a higher price than the original, since I had booked it at a discounted price).) The rental vehicle must be taken back to a location in the interior of the country from which the vehicle was originally leased. The experience was great and I would like to use the service again and recommend it to friends and family. The value of the rent was great. The staff were very professional, helpful and friendly.

Important note: for Europeans who book in the United States and Canada, payment of this tank is necessary at the time of rental, unless it is included in the price package. No refund is given for fuel purchased but not used. In the U.S. and Canada, rentals only accept debit cards with the following Option 2: Return Full or Pay Alamo for Gas logos This option allows a tenant to return the vehicle with a full tank of gas or alamo at the end of the tenancy for gas consumed but not replaced. The price per gallon/litre will be higher than the price of local fuel. Location of Denver Int`l Airport. When renting the vehicle, I was ordered to use the kiosk which allowed for a faster rental experience because I had pre-booked my vehicle. Two of the four kiosks were out of service, and no one was assisting customers with the use of non-customer kiosks. After waiting longer than if I had been queuing, the kiosk refused my information and I had to wait longer in line than if I had queued. Recently I went to Puerto Rico and rented a car in Alamo. The price given online is what the price was. No bait and switches! The pickup took place just outside the airport gates, so no shuttles were required.

Maybe I`ll wait 10 minutes to get to the counter. No pressure on sales. I had my own insurance and I didn`t buy hers.