Better health care for patients and consumers. Working with an experienced partner like Alliance Healthcare could be the best option to optimize your pharmaceutical supply chain and offer you global reach in combination with our logistics know-how. With our unique wealth in the wholesale pharmaceutical trade, Alliance Healthcare has extensive experience in supporting your business in a number of areas. In many cases, reporting and confirming compliance with good distribution practices (GDP) and good pharmaceutical practices (GPP) has become a labour-intensive process. Often, it took a lot of time and effort to be reviewed by suppliers, customers and supervisory authorities. Revenues generated by purchases are measured by invoice requests, the collection of invoices from a sample of independent pharmacies, to identify the actual levels of discounts they receive. In calculating the purchase gains available to independent pharmacies, they will therefore take full account of all changes to average discount levels for Pfizer products that earn independent products. If full-line wholesalers adjust their bank statement discounts to reflect the remoteness of Pfizer`s purchases, this will also be recovered. Once the fiscal year is complete, all necessary adjustments will be made to the refund prices or discount scale to provide the promised $500 million. With 300 distribution centers in 11 countries, our accurate and accurate deliveries ensure the availability of high-quality health products for your patients whenever they need them. Click on the link below to download a brief guide on the distribution agreements of major brand manufacturers: PSNC continues to receive reports on delivery issues related to changes in manufacturers` distribution terms, particularly the distribution model to a pfizer channel. We encourage pharmacy professionals to continue to report issues affecting patient care, and we will ensure that this is put at the expense of the Ministry of Health to support their ongoing surveillance work. In the summer of 2007, pharmacists shared their experience of changes to Pfizer`s distribution agreements in an online survey on the PSNC website.

Among the representatives of pharmaceutical operators who responded: Roche UK New Arrangements with effect: from 15 January 2009 affected products: All Roche products from: AAH and Alliance Healthcare provide most of the products, but there are a number of lines that will only be available through Roche Direct Discount: Discount for contractors on these lines is set by wholesalers. Support: If you have any questions about this information or the ordering arrangements, please contact customer service on 0800 731 5711. Pharmacists can benefit from wholesale and distribution services, including twice-daily supplies, as well as a number of value-added services such as financial advice and home services counselling. Start date: November 1, 2009 Affected products:All UCB products except Neupro (see above) Available at AAH, Alliance Healthcare – Phoenix: Discount: Discount on these lines is set by wholesalers (standard wholesale model). Support: If you have any questions about this change or if you have any problems ordering UCB products, please contact UCB Pharma Customer Service on 01753 477770. Option 2: Pharmaceutical suppliers that offer a discount on minimum price lists to pharmacies. This would allow both the DTP and the traditional wholesale model. (This option would also require changes to the repayment plan.) The OFT recommended that the Ministry of Health make further changes to the Drug Price Regulation System (SSPP) to ensure that the cost of NHS drugs does not increase as a result of distribution changes and follows the February 2007 OFT RECOMMENDATIONS on THE reform of the PPRS.