Typical contracts for AWS Marketplace and Enterprise Contract for AWS Marketplace are made available to sellers to reduce friction costs and speed up transactions in place of their sale, and are used at the Seller`s discretion. As with the seller`s EULA, the agreement between the buyer and the seller under the standard AWS Marketplace contract and the enterprise contract for AWS Marketplace is between the buyer and the seller. AWS Marketplace is not part of the agreement. Which parties have obligations under these agreements if you subscribe to the software under the standardized licensing conditions available under standard contract for AWS Marketplace and Enterprise Contract for AWS Marketplace? You agree to have found that your use of the BYOL program complies with current Microsoft licensing requirements. The use of the Services in violation of your agreement with Microsoft is not authorized or authorized. 1.7. If your agreement does not contain any provision regarding AWS confidential information and you and AWS do not have an effective confidentiality agreement, you agree that you will not disclose AWS confidential information (as defined in the AWS customer agreement) unless required by law. AWS Marketplace is a digital catalog that simplifies software detection, procurement and delivery and helps AWS customers maintain transparency and governance, control costs and accelerate innovation management. AWS Marketplace now offers two standard licensing options, the standard contract for AWS Marketplace and the enterprise contract for AWS Marketplace, allowing customers in lengthy negotiations to let go, shorten the contract and create at cloud speed. 5.6.

With Amazon EC2, you can provide Amazon EC2-Instances using your Microsoft software and Microsoft licenses (the “BYOL program”). Unless otherwise stated in your (s) agreement (s) with Microsoft, you can only participate in the BYOL program if you meet the stated requirements and use (a) dedicated instances or dedicated hosts; and (b) Starting Virtual Machines (VMs) from binary software files that you provide. Sellers, whether independent software providers (ISVs) or consulting partners, can use self-service features within private vendor offers to create an upgrade or extension offer at any time during a buyer`s active agreement. When setting up an upgrade, sellers can grant new permissions, apply discounts, update payment plans, or amend an end-user license agreement (EULA) to meet the buyer`s requirements. In order to extend the end of the buyer`s contract and allow flawless software renewals, vendors can now set a new custom end date for a new private offer with a flexible payment planner. As soon as a buyer verifies the changes and accepts the contract, the new conditions come into effect immediately. Preconditions, including all remaining planned payments, are continuously replaced by the buyer`s software service. As you go through the product preparation process, you need to determine what should be included in the end user license agreement (BUM) for your product. You can create and customize your own EULAs or use AWS Marketplace`s standardized licensing conditions, speed up transactions and facilitate sourcing.

45.6. AWS can develop for you, as part of the professional services AWS (e.g.B. Documents and software, “Developed Content” (in source code or object code), example of code or script (“software”) for you, which are either made up of (a) documents and diagrams (“documents”) or (b) software (in source code or object), example code or scripts (software). »