But how much do you know about Car Loan in addition to paying for the months? Let`s deduct one after the other from the car loan. Armed with this new knowledge, you will most likely increase your chances of getting a car loan that is worth it for you. There are probably several banks and non-bank financial institutions that offer a 0% down payment. This means that you are not asked to pay a certain amount of cash as an advance to buy a car, but not being too happy because 0% advance also means that you pay more interest, because the greater amount of financing and especially full loans also means higher interest rates than normal auto loan institutions. 5-year auto loan usually has an interest rate of less than 9 years of loan. Borrowing for a long time can hurt your wallet. As a general rule, Malaysian banks pay 90% of the value of the car and the balance must be paid by the car buyer as a prepayment to guarantee the purchase of the car. 3. No credit history.

Some of us do not use credit cards or credit facilities provided by the bank. If your records are too clean, it`s also a problem because banks don`t know if you can afford a car credit if they`re approved. The name is simply filed with the bank to continue to obtain credit authorization. The bank also has a condition for the “guarantor” eligible for authorization. Perhaps the reader wondered how long it usually took for the financing of the automobile? In Malaysia, the repayment period for car loans ranges from 5 years to a maximum of 9 years. Depending on the amount of the loan and the monthly payment, the consideration for the amount allowed also depends on the late amount of your debt. Also be reminded that the shorter your credit term, the less interest you pay. If you are blacklisted, prepare up to 12% or more for interest-funded. So don`t jump above the joy when you see the ad “Blacklist can borrow cars”. In some cases, you can choose a flexible car credit facility, but be careful with paying additional fines if you are not/slow to pay! How important is a customer about the process of buying the car? Most customers will be affected by a variety of high offers and discounts. Just open the Internet, different offers can be seen.

Finally, only because of the pursuit of profits 2-3 hundredths, but the loss of 2-3 thousand. In fact, when buying and selling a car, the most important thing is actually to get a seller who is HONEST and TRUSTWORTHY. If the seller is honest, there will obviously be no fraud and the customer will not suffer any loss. Therefore, the next step is a quick step in the process or process of buying a car that every customer needs to know before buying the car.