Genesis 17:7And I will make an eternal commitment between me and you and your posterity after you, through all generations, to be a God for you and for your posterity after you. (BBE) Genesis 17:2And I will make an arrangement between you and me, and your descendants will be multiplied. (BBE) Hebrews 8:13If he says, “A new agreement, he has aged the first agreement. But everything that will become ancient and revolting will no longer be visible for long. (BBE) Genesis 34:15 Only then will we agree with you: If every man among you becomes like us and submits to circumcision; (BBE) 5287. Hupostasis – a support, substance, constancy, therefore. . 5287 (from 5259, “under” and 2476, “standing”) – in due form (to) hold a secured agreement (“deed of ownership”); (figuratively) “” to a promise or property. – 8k 1 Corinthians 1:10I ask you, brethren, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you all say the same thing and that there be no divisions between you, that you may be in perfect harmony, in the same spirit and in the same opinion.

(BBE) Ephesians 1:11In whom we have a heritage marked by the first in his prayer, who agrees with his plans;(BBE) Ephesians 2:16And both can be in harmony with God in one body through the cross, in order to put an end to this division. (BBE) The agreement. The treasure of the sacred hymn. Book CXII THE AGREEMENT first. OH MY GOD! I know and confess My sins are great and always reign: the most abominable and innumerable sins! /…/palgrave/the schatz of sacred song/cxii the agreement.htm 2. Corinthians 1:13For our epistles, we tell you nothing but those you read and agree with, and I hope they will do so to the end:(BBE) Acts 23:20And he says, “The Jews agree that you ask that Paul be brought to Sanhedrin the next day, to be questioned in more detail. (BBE) Genesis 9:9 It is true that I will consent with you and with your seed after you, (BBE) The list of biblical indications of concordance is shown below. . Hebrews 9:15And it was for this reason that he created a new agreement, so that after the errors of the first convention had been corrected by his death, the Word of God could be effective for those who were marked for an eternal inheritance.

(BBE) two people and the father….