The Master Service Agreement has been in place since 2001 and was developed by a joint CAODC/CAPP working committee. The contract represents a fair and equitable allocation of responsibilities and risks when entering into an agreement to carry out drilling and service work. The Service Platform Competency Program (PSRS) helps service platform members provide a consistent and transferable training standard across the industry and increase the pool of qualified employees in the service platform industry. The training manuals consist of floorhand, Derrickman and Driller. The Service Platform Driver Training Program was developed in accordance with the Memoranda of Understanding established with Alberta Transportation and Saskatchewan Government Insurance, which outlines a progression of training that helps workers acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to work safely in a convoy and become skilled drivers. Drilling Contracts: Form C1, Standard Counting Contract Form C2, Appendix “A” to a Standard Counting Contract Form C3, Framework Day Employment Contract Form C4, Schedule “A” of a Framework Day Employment Contract C5, Modification of Part “A”, Department dr, Works Drilling Service Service Contracts: Form SRD1, SRD2 Main Well Service Contract Form (Platform), Appendix “A” SR Services Division Work Order Form C5, SR Department Amendment “A”, CaODC Services Work Order has a Memorandum of Understanding with Alberta Transportation and Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI). This MOU allows members of oil service platforms to apply for a permit called an oil and gas well service platform permit. In strict circumstances, this approval contains legal and regulatory provisions that allow conditional exemptions with regard to driving licence requirements and annual requirements for the inspection of commercial vehicles. .