Other sections of personal use of the company`s equipment policy detail the rules for using devices both in the office and at home, if any. There will also be a section explaining basic services and alerting employees to the risks associated with the misuse of their devices, as well as details explaining how your business will handle lost or damaged devices, including liability and employees will follow. A Doctor`s Excuse document containing patient information, diagnosis and treatment details with the doctor`s letter to be provided by an employee to his company when he is excused for occupational health reasons. If you allow personal use of enterprise equipment, you should explain what applications and work-related data users can access for non-work-related activities and clarify any restrictions on personal applications or files on the device. If you allow personal calls, text messages, printing and the use of social media at work, it is also important to clarify the level of acceptable use and to consider any restrictions on appropriate content. I understand that at the end of my working relationship, I will hand over the equipment and return it to the company. I have the option to buy the equipment from the company if this is the case on time. In the absence of notification, the company has the right to withhold my last salary until the return of the device or this notice. The professional personnel data management model makes your process much easier because you can view each employee`s information in an interface if you run a business or work in a human resources department. Most likely the shortest section, it will simply detail the impact of possible violations on the operating equipment agreement. You can vary yourself depending on the violation, and what your company`s disciplinary procedure is usually. If an employee .B.

breaks or loses a company phone, they can replace it at certain expenses. On the other hand, an employee who overuses a laptop at work for personal or illegal purposes can expect overbooking, investigations or even dismissals based on the offence. Remember employees that if they have operating equipment, they must take care of their own device and treat it like the office. Many corporate equipment policies contain a general statement that employees are required to do so and ensure that all devices or laptops they own are stored securely. Many companies retain the ability and right to monitor corporate communication, so enter a few details about what can be monitored and what is not expressly authorized. Repeat that it should always be paid attention when it comes to classified business information and consider prohibiting the use of dangerous websites. I understand that this equipment belongs to the company and that I use it for professional purposes. I understand that I am responsible for the maintenance and maintenance of the aircraft.