This video is part of a series on changes to the GAR 2019 contract forms. Please view previous videos: The contract to buy and sell real estate in Georgia is a contract that legally binds two parties (seller and buyer) to carry out a transaction of a residential property. This contract includes all relevant information regarding the transaction, including the price, financing terms, rights and obligations of both parties, and a closing clause. If problems arise during the sale, it is agreed to disclose the situation and ensure that the transaction is fair to both parties. Once the contract is signed, it cannot be terminated unless both parties agree. If you are a member of the ACTIVE ® ENTREPRISE, please enter your NRDS number in the text box below and click Send after you have agreed to the licensing terms. If you are not an active member of LA REALTOR, but you purchased the form license, please enter the id number of the form listed at the time of purchase or which was in your email receipt. These forms will be available to real estate agents in Georgia 1/1/19. Next video: Changes to loan shows.

Sign up for a 3 hr CE class on GAR 2019 contracts: GAR 2020 contract forms are only available to GAR members or other licensees who have purchased a license for the use of our website forms at 2019 GAR Contract – Brokerage Agreement Changes: 2019 Georgia Association of Realtors (GAR) Contract Form Changes – this video presents changes to the 2019 purchase and sale contract and counter-offer form. CORRECTION at 3:03 – “BUYER” chooses Closing Attorney (not “Seller.”) 2019 GAR Contract Changes – Overview: . Seller`s Statement on Disclosure of Real Estate (No. 44-1-16) – A specific and standard disclosure form is not required in the State of Georgia, but there is a general obligation for sellers to disclose significant defects to a potential buyer; That is, problems or conditions that would otherwise not be noticeable by the buyer. The seller is also required to answer all questions asked by the buyer, with the exception of questions based on discrimination based on race, colour, religion, sex, national origin, family status or disability. Hello, Dana, great information to find out what`s going on. We always have the first part of the year. For a detailed explanation of some of the 2020 changes, you can read GAR General Counsel Seth Weissman`s article – click here. .

Dana Sparks, Qualifying Broker, Maximum One Greater Atlanta, REALTORS . These forms will be available to real estate agents in Georgia 1/1/19.