JetBlue has reached an agreement with its pilots` union that will allow it to avoid involuntary Furloughs by May 1, 2021. The message was sent in a memo to the pilots yesterday, according to information reported by Reuters. I hope that other airlines will be able to conclude similar agreements to keep pilots busy throughout the pandemic, and I hope that May 2021 will lead us through the worst situation of this situation. Warren Christie, senior vice president of security, safety and air operations at JetBlue, added, “We appreciate the continued professionalism and commitment of our pilots to safety and look forward to continuing to work together to deliver the JetBlue experience every day.” Well done. Lots of lips flow from ships. If you really want transparency, a union may not be the best thing to do. It could cost you more, and a lot less for union leaders. Personally, the B6 drivers should party. At the end of the day, they kept their jobs for almost a year. JetBlue MEC has negotiated a new agreement with the airline to protect all JetBlue pilots from involuntary furloughs until May 1, 2021. “As the final provisions of the treaty come into effect on January 1, we have focused not only on contract compliance, but also on defending the contract through the dispute resolution process,” said Capt. Chris Kenney, president of MEC Of Pilots.

“We were able to inform the pilots of the details of the contract and what to do if the terms of our agreement were violated.” JetBlue is the New York airline and a leading airline in Boston, Fort Lauderdale – Hollywood, Los Angeles (Long Beach), Orlando and San Juan. JetBlue carries more than 40 million customers each year to 102 cities in the United States, the Caribbean and Latin America, with an average of 1,000 daily flights. For more information, see As funding for the Cares Act Payroll Support Program expires at the end of September 2020, many airline employees face the real risk of layoffs or Furlough. But JetBlue`s drivers won a major victory this week. Media:JetBlue Corporate Communications-1 APLA`s JetBluees Master Executive Council (MEC) has approved acre`s memorandum that “protects all JetBlue pilots from involuntary furloughs until May 1, 2021 – under all circumstances,” the union report states. Last year, JetBlue pilots were only four months into their first contract – JetBlue`s first collective bargaining agreement. Last year, contract compliance was the priority of the Pilots` Master Executive Council (MEC), which worked on the full implementation of the collective agreement. As the first contract, the agreement had implemented certain wage planning and guarantee provisions, allowing third-party technology systems to upgrade to meet the new contract requirements.