It should be noted that, although Pygmalion is an all-age game, this title offers some very mature themes. There are scenes of intense violence, but other remarkable aspects, without spoilers are sexual harassment and psychological trauma. There is also more worry-free fan service and life sections in this title (a game of Yuri and everything), but it is very front-loaded with the majority of fan service found early in the common itinerary. The play Desleben Fanservice and Romantik functions as a way to clarify the overall tone and develop the characters before the story becomes darker and more serious, which completes the experience and makes this visual novel more than a dark and dark story. It`s a story where romance takes a back seat in favor of global action and construction, and Pgymalion won`t disappoint. I think I have to say that is the case. Although Pygmalion has some flaws, the visual novel offers an interesting reading with heaps of reflection. However, the game is a little overpriced, contains violent and intense scenes that can overwhelm some players, and its bittersweet ends will probably make players feel depressed. Lewdness: 2/3 (Kissing, Hand Holding, Naked Cuddles; Occasional nudity) I would say try it yourself, the demo is available on: Two: I highly recommend doing it about Steam.

It`s been a while since I installed a visual novel that wasn`t on Steam, so it seems, since I had a little trouble doing it for Pygmalion. I think it didn`t help that I first had to download two 1.5GB portions (which took me a few days, because the download always failed) before extracting these files (which was happening to me). Maybe other players have a better Internet than me and aren`t as stupid as me, so these issues won`t be relevant. But the fact remains that it`s much easier to take screenshots when you`re playing a game in your Steam library. The girls belong to an organization specializing in the destruction of dolls. They have been endowed with exceptional powers by a doll named Ruka, and their task is to locate and exterminate the inhuman enemies lurking in the crowd. You can book now and register later. If you have an account, sign up now to book with your account. The Shadows of Pygmalion Free Download Published on Feb 28, 2017 for Windows PC with English language and this game cracked by SKIDROW. PC Game The Shadows of Pygmalion Full Version Alias Negai no Kakera in Hakugin No deal is the visual novel game for windows.