In addition, financial institutions (including insurers) must adopt a risk-based approach to outsourcing; a company that is proportionate to the operational risk inherent in outsourcing. The NFSA expects and requires institutions to assess whether and to what extent outsourced activity is essential to their operations. The outsourcing establishment is required to enter into a written agreement with the outsourcing service provider in accordance with Section 5 of the Internal Control Regulation. The European Banking Authority (EBA) has published recommendations on cloud outsourcing (28/03/2018), which the NFSA will take into account in its monitoring practices. The guidelines explicitly state that financial institutions should conduct a “meaning assessment” before entering into an outsourcing agreement. In particular, when outsourcing cloud computing services, the outsourcing institution must take into account the criticisms and inherent risk profile of the activities to be outsourced. In Norway, there is no administrative authorization. On the contrary, it is necessary to inform regulated companies of their outsourcing agreements. Section 4c of the Financial Supervision Act provides that financial institutions (such as banks, credit institutions and insurance companies) notify the NFSA of the conclusion of an outsourcing agreement or notify the NFSA of changes to existing outsourcing agreements (. B, for example, a change of supplier).

You must do so for 60 business days (bank days) before the agreement or amendment comes into effect. Successful applicants will demonstrate a great deal of technical understanding to assist the infrastructure services team in their day-to-day operations to ensure the smooth operation of the NFSA`s critical storage, server, network and telecommunications systems. We are looking for two highly motivated, energetic and experienced infrastructure and network engineers who join our in-house team in the design, implementation and management of the information, telecommunications and storage infrastructure that supports the strategic priorities of the archives. With regard to the `employment details` listed above, you briefly describe their skills, experience and performance in each of the following areas: Norway is not a member of the EU, but participates in the EU internal market under the European Economic Area Agreement. It is also involved in the process of harmonising the European Economic Area in banking and finance.