donors, for and taking into account the following agreements to be maintained and implemented by the taker, leased the premises of the city of – and the state of the city on the `1` on the `1.` The landlord heresafter rents the furnished premises described above to tenants for a reference – beginning with – and ending – here at a monthly rate of________________. Do you own a furnished property that you want to rent? Wondering what kind of lease you should ask your client to sign? For furnished rentals, there are different types of contracts, depending on the length and purpose of your tenant`s stay. Lodgis has the answers… 2. The premises described are furnished to include all the equipment on the list of equipment that is part of the lease agreement, signed and dated by both parties. This new type of furnished rental, introduced under the ELAN Act, came into force in November 2018. It is intended for tenants currently travelling for employment or studies (including students, interns, career transfers or vocational training) who require short-term accommodation for a period of one to ten months. Your rental contract probably covers all standard themes, but it may not be too specific when maintaining furniture. A furnished apartment addendum is a good idea, as it can document what furniture is included, entrust the condition of the furniture and the responsibility of the tenant for damaged or missing objects. A furniture rental contract usually saves all the furniture on the rented property when the tenant takes possession. You can attach a brief description of the disease if necessary.

If you have installed z.B. a sofa with a small hole in the armrest, you and the tenant might find that in the supplement furniture rental contract, so that the tenant will not be charged for the tenants as damage on the street. A rent supplement is a section of the tenancy agreement that deals with a particular and specialized aspect related to the lease. It is considered part of the lease and constitutes a binding contract if signed by both parties. It is customary to have a lease credit supplement on topics such as pet maintenance, installation of satellite dishes and storage of fresh batteries in smoke detectors. A rental additive for a furnished apartment focuses on the rules you have established with respect to the maintenance and treatment of the furniture you provide.