Buildings with climb line management offer tenants the certainty that the connectivity of their building is a top priority. Among the benefits of Managing Riser for the tenant are: while riser management is a relatively new industry, companies are increasingly aware of the risks and costs of moving to a commercial space with a managed partnership. The decision to enter into a contract could cost your leasing team potential tenants and reduce the satisfaction of new tenants. The vertical channel through which cabling is performed for telecommunications and data, from the Minimum Point of Entry (MPOE) to each floor of a commercial building, is called the Riser system. As a commercial landlord, your top priority is to create a safe and productive space for your professional tenants. Poorly maintained cabling infrastructure can lead to physical risks such as fires and compromise the constant connectivity of the data your customers need. It`s a good idea to maintain clean wiring and modern hardware in your building`s telecommunications networks. We live in a digital world. Reliable broadband telecommunications services play a much more important role than they did a decade ago.

With customer needs, the demand for availability and speed of service is also evolving. HIVE Telecom & Riser Management brings added value through moderation services, access management and compliance with the standards of protection and service of your building and your tenants. Active risk management and dynamic documentation of a building`s technology infrastructure profile maximizes operational efficiency, reduces the need for costly connectivity audits, and provides valuable data for property management and building ownership to market their building to potential brokers and tenants. We protect your steering regulator by keeping it in state-of-the-art. Our technicians identify and correct potential problems to ensure that service is not interrupted. Risk management companies are a bad deal for your tenants, and so they are ultimately a bad deal for you. If you want to reduce your empty spaces, retain your current tenants, increase tenant satisfaction, and improve your building`s overall connectivity infrastructure, please consider the risks of entering into an agreement with a risk management company. Instead, consider creating and maintaining your own list of preferred vendors in order to virtually eliminate the need for risk management services. If network operators or suppliers have unauthorized or unauthorized access to your Riser climb line, the risk of errors that could disconnect your building increases. Riser management improves reliability by limiting access to your building`s communication infrastructure, unless the work is authorized or performed by IMG technicians. Often, technology-responsible real estate management and building ownership task climb line companies with monitoring service facilities, routine maintenance, infrastructure study and documentation as well as service restoration to ensure that their building`s technology profile is best in class and that they meet the connectivity requirements of new high-level tenants. .

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