You can then create a credit against the credit requirement. The amount of the provision is then recorded in the accounts. Partial statement This box indicates the type of proof of order that SAP must use when a reduction agreement is to be partially counted. When you run the partial settlement process, SAP uses this type of document to create a credit requirement for the partial billing value. Payment transaction The value in this box controls the ceiling of manual payments against a discount agreement. Here you can choose A to allow manual payments up to the period value, B to allow manual payments up to the pro forma billing value, or C for no limit, or you can leave the field blank, in this case SAP does not allow manual payments. 1. First, you need to create a discount agreement. 2. Create a set of conditions for the discount that shows the discount rate and interest rate for the period. 3. When the rebate settlement document is generated, the rebate and provisions are determined and accounted for in a separate GL account as a quoted item – amount to be paid. It is also copied into the discount agreement.

4. Create a billing ride with credit request and then credited to settle that amount with the customer. Please also note that if discounts are made without depending on a material, but on a customer/material, you must refer to a billing material. Partial settlement: when recording the payment in the discount contract, we must specify the type of proof `R3` for the establishment of a partial statement. Path: SPROàsales et Distributionàbillingàrebate Processingàrebate Agreementsàdefine Agreement TypesàDefine Agreement Types.