This agreement was duly executed and delivered by the borrower and each of the other parties. (ii) security documents. (A) The security agreement, properly executed and provided to borrowers. B) (1) Each of the short-term IP security agreements, duly executed and delivered by the borrower, and (2) those IP guarantee agreements, duly executed and provided by the borrower, as required by lenders with respect to foreign intellectual property. In addition to documents that constitute a transfer or alteration of ownership, other documents relating to the interests of patents or applications are generally covered. These documents, which are accepted for registration, are licensing agreements and agreements that generate interest in security. These documents are recorded in the public interest to notify third parties of appropriate interests or other matters relevant to the ownership of a patent or application. Documents that are not admitted to registration include the right of lawyers to pledge against patents or patent applications. See In re Refusal of Assignment Branch to Record Attorney`s Link, 8 USPQ2d 1446 (Comm`r Pat. 1988). Copyright The tax for registering an IP KURZform security agreement with USCO depends on the number of copyright titles contained in the document. The basic admission fee is $105 if only one security is included. [4] The 105 $US tax covers the first title in a document, but there is a tax of 35 $US for each set of ten (10) or fewer titles that go beyond the first title.

If z.B. a total of eleven (11) copyright titles are identified in the short form IP security document that is registered, the fee would be $35 plus $105 USD for a total of 140 DOLLARS. If there is a total of twenty-one (21) securities, the tax would be $70 (because there are two sets of ten securities beyond the first title) plus $105 for a total of $175. In the case of financing transactions such as loans or securitizations, lenders will generally take over a loan on the borrower`s assets, which are in wages, including all U.S. intellectual property assets (“U.S. IP”), against compliance with the borrower`s obligations under the loan contract and security documentation. As was said in a previous article, A secured creditor should submit a UCC-1 financing statement to the state in which the debtor is headquartered or executive office, if it has more than one head office, and (ii) sign a short-term security agreement with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and/or the U.S.

Copyright Office (USCO) to enhance the U.S. Securities and Exchange Office.` We often receive questions about the costs of registering these short-form IP security agreements. This contribution contains a general summary of the current registration fees collected by the USPTO and USCO. The cost of registering IP KURZform security agreements can change regularly, so it`s best to check current pricing plans before registering an agreement. The current patent and trademark pricing plan is available on the USPTO website under the “Office of Finance” ( section and the current copyright pricing plan is available by clicking on the homepage of the USCO website ( Patents As of January 1, 2014, there are no taxes on the registration of an IP security agreement (with respect to ownership of a patent or application) filed electronically, regardless of the number of patents or patent applications to which it refers and which appear on the required cover page. [1] Prior to January 1, 2014, the tax for the registration of such an electronically submitted contract was $40 per property.