One point about Don Miguel`s book that really struck me was that, in our sincere desire to be good people, to be attentive to the world and to help make it a better place, we can at the same time have an increased sense of vulnerability, because we are hurt by the seemingly accidental negativity of others. HOWEVER, one of the most important agreements that any good person or valuable person can conclude with himself, is that if we inevitably encounter the occasional “nasty people” in the world, it is important to remember that their wickedness is not necessarily above us. In fact, it is often more about it. So when we are faced with rejection, fear of rejection, or even mere aimless hostility, it is worth asking ourselves: have we done our best? Has there been any talk of integrity? Have we avoided making too many assumptions? If so, there is nothing to fear. Go on. The key to compliance with these agreements is action, because the demonstration comes from continuous action. We learn through This; we transform ourselves through repetition. We have the power to break them, to do more self-love, to make more agreements with ourselves instead of being afraid, but often we don`t. The book then describes 4 powerful key chords that will help them regain your power and transform your life. Even in our own minds, we are experiencing this; random thoughts that have no explanation, conflicting beliefs; We must heed our agreements to resolve this chaos. The status of your current agreements; to develop an awareness of all the beliefs that make them unhappy.

It`s not all about you. What someone does or says is not because of you. This is the other person, because all men live in their own minds. What others say and do is because of the agreements they have – it`s because of their programming. And if you take it personally, you agree that it is true to immortalize these toxic arrangements in your own mind. “There is only one agreement left, but it is one that allows the other three to become entrenched habits. The fourth agreement is about the action of the first three: always do your best. The main agreements are those you have with yourself; Tell yourself who you are, how you feel, how you should behave; Their personality; “That`s who I am, that`s what I believe.” A single agreement is not such a problem, but we have so many that make us suffer.