Earlier this month, Focus completed its first major gold cast of the new Three Mile Hill processing plant, which was renovated for AUD 16.96 million. CRG has already received several shipments of gold ore from the supplier and stores the ore in its lime-shaped plant. The supplier will continue to supply gold ore to the MAF in the coming days. Scorpio Gold announced that it had signed a toll mill contract with Lode-Star Mining for the processing of ore in its 363-ton keil mill. He said Focus was looking forward to working with La Mancha Resources during both milling campaigns in 2010, as the company laid the foundation to become a major gold producer in the region. In Coolgardie`s Gold Belt, more than 2.6 million ounces of gold have been produced since 1892. Focus holds the mineral rights to more than 210 km2 of rental homes, including a complete inventory of the measured, displayed and derivative gold deposits as well as the 1.2 mtpa Three Mile Hill processing plant. Until this last gold casting at Three Mile Hill, Focus was clad in ore from its Tindals exploration centre in Coolgardie, in the nearby Greenfields mill. CRG announced in June that it had reached an agreement with the supplier to purchase gold storage equipment for processing through the CRG metallurgical plant.

Australian gold producer Focus Minerals (ASX: FML) has announced the signing of a toll processing contract with mining company TSX La Mancha Resources (TSX: LMA) to process ore from the White Foil Gold Project in La Mancha. The agreement provides La Mancha with at least 200,000 tonnes of milling capacity, divided equally between two milling campaigns planned for April and September 2010. This agreement is beneficial for both parties. With the addition of a flotation system, the Goldwedge milling plant will be able to process carbon/sulphide erte and increase its availability for toll strawberries. Lode-Star benefits from a long-term treatment contract for its erte on a site managed by an experienced processing team. The mill is located in the immediate vicinity of the company`s mine, which minimizes transportation costs, and will have a milling circuit optimized for sharp metal recoveries.