Try to make your sentences interesting by adding some awesome vocabularies like adjectives and adverbs. When writing, make sure that each sentence contains a verb. In this lesson, you have revised the verbs and used past, present and future times. When verbs are written in the past, they often end up in -ed. Look closely at the image below, then write five sentences in the present about what children are doing in the picture. To use The Tense Present, you should write as if this is happening now. Read the next paragraph and change all the bold words in the past. You can put them on a list. Now watch the clip below to find out how past lover verbs differ from present and future verbs. If you write, the verbs you use indicate whether events have already occurred, are happening now, or will happen in the future. To revise verbs and use the past, present and future. A verb is a word used to describe an action, state or deposit. Write five sentences in the tense future about what you`re going to do.

It is important to understand what verbs are before you start writing at different times. Watch this short clip to rework the verbs. Think carefully about how you can change verbs in the past. Do you need to add -ed or change the word? . Imagine something you`re going to do in the future. It could be seeing a friend, taking a bike ride or playing. You may need for some of these paper activities and a pencil or pencil. Charlie wakes up on school day at 6:00. As it is a creature of habit, it always opens the window to see what the weather is like.

Then she runs into the bathroom, brushes her teeth and heads down to eat her breakfast. She eats her cereal quickly, then drinks her fresh juice. As soon as she is ready, she goes back up to get dressed. Sometimes she takes a long time to style her hair. If she`s satisfied, she`ll pick up her lunch and go to school. But that`s not always the rule. Sometimes the word changes completely. If the word already ends in an e, you just have to add a -d. Look as well as you did by looking at this answer sheet. For example, like the word “jump” in this sentence: .

For example, the child throws the ball gently into the air.