A new free trade agreement with the United States forces Singapore to change its ban on chewing gum. Audiovisual services include film production and distribution services, film screening services, radio and television services, radio and television transmission services and sound recordings. Audiovisual services are a dynamic sector that has evolved considerably in recent years thanks to technological developments and their impact on trade. “I knew there would be a trap in the free trade agreement.” Analyze the message conveyed by each of your visual media elements. For each item, answer the following questions in full sentences. Cite the evidence from the resource and lesson to justify your answers. In preparation for the Hong Kong Ministerial Conference in 2005, a Joint Statement on Audiovisual Services (TN/S/W/49) was circulated by Hong Kong, China; Japan; Mexico; Chinese Taipei; and the United States. The joint statement highlighted the economic importance of the sector and called for further improvements in members` engagement plans. “They drive a Japanese car, drink French wine, eat Chinese food, own an American computer, buy Canadian wood and spend a vacation in Mexico. How can you be AGAINST free trade?!¬†Audiovisual services are among the sectors with the smallest number of WTO members with specific commitments. Only 18 WTO members made commitments after the conclusion of the Uruguay Round, and some other members did so as part of their WTO accession process.

Countries with important audiovisual markets that have made commitments in this sector include China, India, the Republic of Korea, Japan, Mexico and the United States. Audiovisual services were included in the services negotiations launched in 2000. In the first years of negotiations, three negotiating proposals were submitted in this sector (by the United States, Switzerland and Brazil). Following the exchange of bilateral market access requests, offers to improve commitments were exchanged between Members. One. What is the topic in the visual media element you choose? C. Does this position reflect a commitment to free trade or protectionism? Explain your answer and add evidence of the element to support your answer. The sector is important for the pursuit of governments` economic and other objectives. A number of governments have taken measures to support the domestic production of audiovisual services or to ensure diversity, protect intellectual property rights, regulate advertising practices or prohibit illegal content. Choose two different visual media elements that express opinions about trade agreements, trade barriers, or free trade.

The list of resources contains some examples of visual media and guides where to find them on the Internet. Be sure to include the media item or instructions on how to access it in your review. Write down the most important events and ideas that are evident in the article, creator, and date of origin, and read any captions or quotes they contain. “Okay, how about starting to talk about our trade agreements?” Following the conference, the sector, like a number of other sectors, was the subject of a plurilateral motion in which one group of members told another group of about 30 members the kind of improvements to commitments they were looking for in the negotiations. The plurilateral application concerned services related to films and sound recordings. Obligations are generally more common for film-related services than for television and radio services. There are also a large number of exceptions to the most-favoured-nation clause requirement in this sector. These concern, for example, cinematographic co-productions. It`s now much easier to transfer large amounts of content across borders and distribute content across a variety of platforms and devices, giving consumers more control over what they want to see or hear and how. You can perform more complex searches by searching for documents online by defining several search criteria such as the document symbol (by .B.

code number), full-text search, or document date. Honestly, it is. On the other hand, there is nothing that could offend China. B. What is the Creator`s view on this? What details of the resource support the author`s claim? Provide evidence of the element to support your response. “A Japanese company will provide them to us for 6.75 thousand.” D. Do you agree or disagree with the point of view of the article you have chosen? Why or why not? “There is a new push to abandon NAFTA, the scourge of the American middle class!” In particular, the request concerned obligations that would respect the existing level of openness in Mode 1 (services from one country to another) and Mode 2 (consumers travelling abroad to use services) and obligations relating to Mode 3 (establishment of subsidiaries to provide services in another country) without certain types of restrictions, where possible, including foreign capital restrictions and content quotas. The request also sought to remove or reduce exemptions granted to the most favoured countries.

“It`s not that I`m against globalization. I just want to go further. .